Walter’s Coating and Solutions Group, LLC, introduces Castle Armor®, a roof coating sealant to protect shingled roofs.

Walter’s Coating and Solutions Group, LLC, is a business start-up in Ohio, co-owned by Paula and Ronald Walter. The company was certified on 5-1-2014 by the State of Ohio, but their research and development had already begun seven years ago, around 2007.

Ron Walter says, “We witnessed, along with firsthand experience peoples pain, and cost of premature failures of shingled roofs, due to weather related ageing, damage and algae-growth.” This encouraged Ron and Paula to come up with a solution in the form of their first product offering, Castle Armor®.

Castle Armor®is a liquid applied via a sprayer or roller onto your shingle roof.  Castle Armor®is a coating sealant designed and modified to provide a protective covering to your roof from the harsh climatic changes, moss and algae growth. It has been formulated to seal the granules into the shingle while still allowing the shingle to breathe. Providing protection for your roof from natural risks, Like UV rays. While extending the lifetime and adding curb appeal to your roof.

Castle Armor® Aids in preventing the appearance of any cracks costly leaks and damaging growth of moss and algae.

Walter’s Coating aims to completely eradicate the threats faced by shingled roofs, which can cause their premature demise. In the words of WaltersCoatings, “Our overall business goal is to help people, by manufacturing, and selling our professional developed quality protective coatings and sealants to the construction, remodeling and home-improvement industry and markets.

Ronald Walter, Co-founder, owner and CEO of Walter’s Coating and Solutions Group, LLC can be contacted through the following means.

Address: 1776 Mentor Avenue,
Cincinnati, OH 45212


Phone: 937.205.6428

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