There are several upcoming BWC safety/discount program deadlines; please read below.

Upcoming Deadlines:

* May 1, 2016 (approximately)

o BWC sent out the 2016 policy year estimated annual premium notice, with the first installment due by July 1, 2016.


* May 16, 2016

o Last date to change your premium installment plan for the 2016 policy year.


* May 31, 2016

o Drug Free Safety Program (DFSP) application deadline for 7/1 start date.

o Industry Specific Safety Program (ISSP) application deadline for 7/1 start date.

o Transitional Work Bonus application deadline for 7/1 start date.


* August 15, 2016

o Due date for the True-Up report to be completed with BWC. Reports must be submitted either online ( or telephonically at 800.644.6292. (see attachment for more information)

MCO Open Enrollment:

Managed Care (MCO) open enrollment is currently in progress and will continue through May 27. Every two years the BWC provides the opportunity, in the month of May, for employers to evaluate the performance of their current MCO. During this open enrollment period an employer can change their MCO by completing the MCO Open Enrollment Selection Form or if they choose to remain with their current MCO do nothing at all and they will be automatically re-enrolled. Once the open enrollment period ends the employer’s MCO selection is in place for the next two years.

MCOs are responsible for the medical management of workplace injuries, the initial reporting of claims, paying medical bills and helping claimants return to work as quickly and safely as possible. Employers are required to have a MCO but do not pay directly for MCO services. The quality of MCO services and how well they perform their responsibilities can impact the premium’s that employers pay BWC.

Our managed care company CareWorks of Ohio recently sent out marketing materials that we would appreciate you distributing to your members. Considering the limited enrollment period that your members have to make this important selection we would appreciate it if you could confirm that you have or have not received the marketing materials from CareWorks. If you have not received them I will have them promptly sent to your attention.

Unemployment Cost Control Tip:

If an employee gives notice of their intention to quit, be sure to allow the employee to work out their notice or pay them for the duration of the notice. Failure to do so may result in unemployment benefits being granted to the claimant by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS). If the claim is allowed, the claimant can collect up to 26 weeks of unemployment. Avoid paying unemployment anytime possible to help control your unemployment tax rate. For additional information on controlling your unemployment expenses contact Kammy Staton at 614.526.7165 or

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