Many of our members may not be aware that in addition to providing state of the art Workers’ Compensation programs for business, our partner, CareWorksComp is also available to assist them with unemployment cost control. Their dedicated team has 16 years of unemployment claims and tax management experience. Every participant of our Workers’ Compensation Group

Rating program receives companion Unemployment Consultation at no additional cost. In addition to the consultative service, CareWorksComp offers full service unemployment cost control services. Highlights of the full service unemployment program include:

– Claims management – employers can avoid the risk of having just one unmanaged claim increase their tax rates for multiple years. The experienced professionals at CareWorksComp can work directly with the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) on your behalf to aggressively protest and appeal all unwarranted claims.

– Pre-termination consultation – discuss employment issues with a CareWorksComp consultant to help increase claim win ratio results.

– Avoid claim penalties (new penalties became effective in October 2013) – CareWorksComp has the knowledge and expertise help you navigate ODJFS requirements to save your business time and money. No more dealing with time sensitive and lengthy claim questionnaires.

– Claim impact/analysis – CareWorksComp provides financial analysis to determine tax rate impacts of particular claims. This is information businesses need to know in determining when or if to protest a claim as well as tax budgeting purposes.

– Hearing preparation/representation – Save time and hassle by consulting with CareWorksComp on which separation issues are appropriate to challenge at hearing. CareWorksComp representatives are available to participate and conduct pre-hearing conferences so all employer witnesses know what to expect.

– Account Monitoring – Based on data from the U.S. Labor Department, Ohio has a 13.36% improper payment rate (7 states exceed Ohio). Ongoing attention needs to be placed on monitoring employer accounts to detect potential errors and take appropriate action with ODJFS.

– Controlling Fraud – CareWorksComp helps control unemployment fraud by communicating and monitoring potential benefit fraud situations.

– Tax analysis – CareWorksComp offers tax analysis and verification, common ownership analysis for grouping payroll for lower tax options and voluntary contribution recommendations. Ohio tax rates vary widely from 0.3% to 8.6% so it is important to make sure your assigned rate is correct.

For additional information on controlling your unemployment expenses, contact CareWorksComp’s Kammy Staton toll-free at 1-800-837-3200, ext. 57165 or via email at

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