Top 5 Blog Articles from Infintech:

Infintech takes pride in bringing our partners relevant and impactful content that will help both your organization and your members’ businesses grow. Below are the top 5 articles read from our monthly newsletter:

1. Merchants Deal with U.S. Coin Shortage 

Retailers are asking consumers to pay the exact bill amount via contactless payments instead of handing out change.

2. Contactless Payments Can Boost Retail Industry

For merchants, now is a good time to learn about contactless payments which require less physical interaction.

3. Chargeback Prevention Tips for Merchants

Merchants who can prevent chargebacks before they happen save time, money, and hassle.

4. Contactless POS Payments Key to Customers & Merchants

A poll shows how COVID-19 is spurring faster adoption of touch-free payments for consumers and merchants.

5. 7 Shopping Habits Changed by COVID-19

As the pandemic continues, it is evident that new consumer purchasing trends will emerge and merchants need to adapt quickly.

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