CareWorksComp September Newsletter

Children are back in school and the Ohio corn fields are full and tall. I actually saw Halloween decorations in the store the other day. Can’t summer just last a little bit longer? 9/30/2018 is your Experience “snapshot” for the upcoming 7/1/2019 Rate Year: One of the...

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Upcoming Chamber Contact Changes

Our Chamber Executive Director, Dessie Rogers, will be welcoming her second child later in September and will be on maternity leave throughout the end of September, October, and most of November. During her leave, Ruth Brindle - interim Chamber Marketing Director and...

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CareWorksComp August Newsletter

Important August 2018 Deadlines:     August 15, 2018 Payroll True-Up Deadline   Employers must report their actual payroll by Manual Classification Code for the 7/1/17-6/30/18 Rate Year to the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation (BWC) by August 15,...

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By Gary W. Hanson, President of American Safety and Health Management Consultants, Inc. Have you ever driven down the interstate and suddenly realized you are three or four miles further along than you thought? Did you ever pass by your exit and not realize it until...

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