With any business there are situations and questions that arise every single day that you may not have the answer to. We often have to remind ourselves to look for guidance instead of trying to solve every problem on our own.  As you work toward the goals you have set for your business this year, please use us as a resource for your risk management needs, and we’ll do our best to help in any way we can.

Important dates and upcoming deadlines: (please note that there are no deadlines in April!):

  • March 30, 2018
    • Deadline to complete the DFSP annual report for the preceding 7/1 program start date.  


    • Last date to request a change in your estimated annual payroll exposure for policy year 2017 (7/1/17-6/30/18).


    • Last date to request a change in your installment payment plan schedule for policy year 2017.


    • Deadline to complete the One Claim Program (OCP) program education requirement.


    • Deadline to complete the EM cap program requirements.

CareWorksComp Seminars: Another reminder that our 2018 workers’ comp seminars will take place next month! Please mark your calendar to attend this half-day event, and attendance will fulfill the BWC Two-Hour Group Safety Training Requirement for the 2017 policy year. Seminars are open to any Ohio Employer, whether a customer of CareWorksComp or not.

The registration form is attached.


  • April 17, 2018 – Columbus
  • April 18, 2018 – Cleveland
  • April 26, 2018 – Cincinnati


2017 Premium Installment Notifications: BWC is in the process of finalizing the manual code base rates for policy year 2018 (beginning 7/1), and they will be notifying employers of their new annual premium rates in early May. Employers should receive  updated premium installment schedules at that time, this is also the time to make any changes to your installment payment plan schedule.

Safety Update:  Please see the attached Ohio BWC Library update.

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