JETT (Job Enrichment Tracking Team), a group of volunteers in collaboration Mayor Randy Riley and Councilman Rob Jaehnig, are working to track new jobs added to brick-and-mortar businesses operating within the 45177 zip code for the calendar year 2013. The group is working to collect information to publicly display wins in our community to build hope and garner visibility to the positive impacts to our local job climate.

This will be manifested in two ways:

1. Through an artistic representation of results in the Main Street windows of the municipal building
2. Providing information to the print and website mediums (such as the Wilmington News Journal and The Chamber of Commerce).


We would like to invite your participation in tracking jobs that have been added since January 1, 2013. This would include full time and part-time jobs.  Every job we add to our community counts. Part time positions will be counted as essentially a half a job, and then converted to full-time equivalents (FTE). Companies adding positions can be publicly recognized in the previously mentioned mediums, creating positive public recognition for participants.

For further information please email


We appreciate your consideration into this matter, and genuinely hope you will participate in showing the City of Wilmington the growth and positive outcomes we have to celebrate.


JETT Members


Rob Jaehnig
Juliann Martin
Robyn Danku
Steve Brown
Holly Roush
Randy Riley
Tammi Bailey
Mark Rembert
Tonja Ruther