First day of preschool will be September 7, 2021. Last day of preschool will be June 3, 2022

Where is this located?  We are located in Sabina, Ohio.

Preschool will be a morning program running from 9AM to 11:00 AM.  Full day childcare is also available if needed.  Space is limited.

What is the cost? Cost will vary based on age of child, number of hours the child will be in care per week and other factors.  This information will be given to each family at initial contact, after we discuss the needs of the family.  Children receiving Title XX funding (state paid care) are welcomed.

What is included? Children will begin to prepare for kindergarten.  We will focus on social emotional learning, numbers, letters, shapes colors, fine motor skills and much more.  

Are meals included?  Hilton Daycare is on the USDA child and adult food program.  Meals and snacks will be provided free of charge for any meals the child is here.  Meals and snacks are on a set schedule and monitored by the USDA for proper nutrition within the guidelines set up for the program.  

What about Holidays?  Preschool will follow the Sabina elementary schedule; however childcare may be available on some of the days school is out.  Holidays off for the provider will be addressed in the handbook.

Curriculum information:  We use a state-approved, research-based curriculum.  The curriculum is adapted as needed to meet each child where they are at, making it an inclusive curriculum.

Parent involvement:  There will be opportunities for parent involvement, including parent/teacher conferences, parent learning opportunities and more.

For more information: Please contact Scarlett at 937-944-0303

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