Starting a Business

When you’re starting a business you want to make sure you’ve “crossed all of your t’s and dotted all of your i’s” to make sure you get off to a smooth start. We’ve distilled down the key the steps you need to complete when starting a new business in Clinton County. We hope this provides a starting point, but we strongly recommend that you review this comprehensive guide to starting a business from the State of Ohio.

(1)   Make sure your business name is available.

(2)   File your business with the Secretary of State. How will the business legal structure be set up? 

  • Sole Proprietor – Form #534A
  • General Partnership –Form #534A or Statement of Partnership Authority-Form #535
  • Limited Partnership – Form #531A (Foreign Limited Partnership –Form #531B)
  • Limited Liability Company – Form #533A (Foreign Limited Liability Company –Form #533B)
  • Limited Liability Partnership – Form #536 (Foreign Limited Liability Partnership Form #537)
  • C-Corporation – Form #532 (Foreign C-Corporation – Form #530A)
  • Non-profit – Form #532

All updated forms can be found at:

(3)  Will the company have employees?

If yes register with the following

If no register with the following

(4)   All Businesses Register with the Ohio Department of Taxation and the Clinton County Auditor

More info at the Ohio Business Gateway:

(5)   Identify specific licensing or registration requirements for the business at