“The Holiday Season is a perfect time to reflect on our blessings and seek out ways to make life better for those around us.”

~ Terri Marshall

Unbelievably, another year is hastening to a close. Growing and developing relationships with our clients has been our first and foremost goal this year. We will nurture that culture of partnership in the year ahead and explore ways to make everyday operations easier and more cost-effective for you in your risk management programs. We’re wholeheartedly embracing 2018 and the exciting promise of all that it holds for us!

Important Dates:

  • December 31, 2017
    • Deadline to submit offer and acceptance forms (TWB-2) for July 2016 Transitional Work Bonus Program participants.


  • January 24, 2018
    • Deadline to enroll in Group Retrospective Rating programs!


  • January 31, 2018  
    • Individual retro rating application deadline for 7/1 start
    • One Claim Program (OCP) program application deadline for 7/1 start date.
    • Deadline for the BWC’s Deductible program for 7/1 start date.


Paying BWC Premiums: Now that we are two years in to the BWC’s prospective payment plan, it is more important than ever to ensure you are paying the premium installments on time, as the BWC will remove employers from programs for not paying premiums or filing true-ups timely.  Since there are several payment plan options and BWC statements can be quite confusing, it is easy to miss a payment or misunderstand when one is due. CareWorksComp is here to help if you need it.

Mergers and Acquisitions: If the new year is bringing you the possibility of buying or selling part of your operation, please contact CareWorksComp if you need guidance on how this relates to your workers’ comp policy. It’s important to know how this may affect your business and the impact to the alternative rating program in which you participate. Additionally, BWC may be issuing rebates or refunds depending on your participation in these programs, and you will want to ascertain who receives these monies.

Unemployment Taxable Wage Base Increases for 2018:

Ohio employers will be paying more unemployment taxes in 2018 primarily due to the increase in the taxable wage base.  The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) has raised the taxable wage base from $9,000 per employee to $9,500 per employee. Also the tax table used by ODJFS has shifted upward for 2018.  This will also have an impact on the amount of unemployment taxes Ohio employers will pay.        

CareWorksComp can assist you in controlling unemployment claims and taxes.  Employers wanting an analysis of their tax notice or to learn about different tax options such as common/joint rating should contact Kammy Staton, our Unemployment Manager at 614.526.7165 or kammy.staton@careworkscomp.com


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