Claim compensability 
Many employers are concerned about coverage for their employees who may be asked to work from home on a temporary basis. Each claim is unique and will have its own set of facts to guide us. Below are some general guidelines to keep in mind in the event that you have a teleworker who files a claim application. The scenarios described below are not all-encompassing but should give you some direction as you investigate these instances.

  • Typically, work from home employees are NOT covered if they:
    • Trip over their dog and break their wrist while going to the bathroom
    • Decide to load some dishes in the dishwasher and cut themselves
    • Go outside their home to go for a walk and fall off their porch
    • Make lunch and get food poisoning from it
    • Go out for lunch and get into a car accident
    • Drive into the office to get work items needed for job, but deviate from the route to stop at the bank for personal reasons and get into an accident
  • Work from home employees MAY be covered if:
    • They are at their home workstation and reach for a binder and hurt their shoulder or the chair breaks and they fall and hurt their back
    • They have a poor ergo arrangement at their workstation and develop wrist tendonitis
    • They drive into the office to get items needed for job and get into an accident

For more information on premium payments and claim compensability, see the BWC COVID-19 FAQs.

BWC is temporarily allowing telemedicine as a care-delivery option between BWC-certified physicians and injured workers.

  • Injured workers should consult directly with their treating physician regarding the availability of telemedicine within their office.
  • Under this temporary rule change, the injured worker’s home is approved as a call origination site.
  • BWC will waive the prior authorization requirement for telephone services when appropriately documented.
  • Telemedicine services will be reimbursed at equivalent normal office visit rates.
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