The Bureau of Workers’ Compensation requires that all private employers in the July 1, 2011 Group Rating Program or Group Retrospective Rating Program, who had a claim within the two preceding calendar years, are required to attend two hours of safety training by June 30, 2012.

Frank Gates is notifying all of their impacted clients and providing training options. If your entity had one or more claims during calendar years 2009 or 2010, and your company participates in one of the July 1, 2011 Programs, the BWC has indicated that you must meet the safety training requirement. The topics must be workplace safety-related and can consist of multiple classes totaling a minimum of two hours of training. There are options available for your entity to meet the 2-Hour Safety Training Requirement:

  • Frank Gates ‘2 Hour Safety Training’ sessions
  • Frank Gates half day seminars in April of 2012
  • BWC On Demand Courses
  • BWC Online Courses
  • Safety Council Classes (other than the routine monthly safety council meetings)
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