The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) offers Better You, Better Ohio!™ – a program  designed to provide health and wellness resources and services to workers who work for small  employers (250 or fewer workers) in high-risk industries*. Better You, Better Ohio! helps workers and  their employers at no cost and through a simple, paperless process. 

Employers can reap great benefits from having a healthy workforce. Healthy employees are less prone  to injury. And, when they are injured, their ability to recover is enhanced greatly. Overall, employers  with a healthy workforce have lower workers’ compensation and health-care costs. Better You, Better  Ohio! can: 

  • Help prevent injuries through improved workforce health and safety. 
  • Reduce absenteeism and improve presenteeism. 
  • Reduce the severity of an injury. 
  • Improve the recovery time from an injury. 
  • Reduce time away from work due to an injury. 

Email to get started today! They have plenty of material  you can share with your employees. BWC can send you tools to help your staff get started or work with  you to ensure all employees get enrolled at BWC even does on-site enrollment.  

Employers can use Better You, Better Ohio! to help manage and reduce their workers’ compensation  and health-care costs by having a healthier workforce. Meanwhile, workers can earn financial rewards  for taking steps to improve their health and wellness such as completing a health assessment and a  biometric screening. 

Employers and employees currently participating in the Substance Use and Recovery Workplace Safety  Program are also eligible to participate regardless of industry or size. Email with any questions. 

Important reminders 

Private employers: 

  • 2020 rate year True-Up report and payment (if monies owed) due August 13, 2021 

If you have any questions regarding premium installments or the true-up process, contact our Sedgwick program  manager, Julia Bowling, at 513.218.4062.

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