$25 Days of Christmas – Business Registration & Information

Hi Buy Local Businesses,

Last year, we launched our second annual $25 Days of Christmas promotion –which arose out of a group of Buy Local First business owners who came together to develop a collaborative business promotion targeting holiday shopping. The promotion was a huge successes, involving close to 100 Buy Local First businesses and generating more than $127,000 in local sales.

We are very excited about repeating the promotion again this year, and believe that it provides an excellent opportunity to promote shopping locally during the holiday season.

TO PARTICIPATE SIGN UP HERE (or click the image above) by Tuesday, November 15th. 

After you’ve registered, we’ll be in touch about an up-coming meeting on Thursday, November 17th, to provide more details about participating.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to let us know at (937) 728-7075 or dessiembuchanan@gmail.com.


What is the $25 Days of Christmas?
The $25 Days of Christmas is Buy Local First’s flagship promotion for the holiday season. It will run from Friday Nov. 25th (Black Friday) until Dec. 16th.

How does it work for the customer?
During the promotional period, each time a customer spends more than $25 at a participating Buy Local First business they will be entered into a weekly drawing for special stocking stuffer gifts from Buy Local First businesses, as well as three cash prize drawings (our target is $2,000). Customers will receive one entry per $25 spent per visit (up to 4 entries). For example, a customer that spends $63 will receive two tickets, and a customer that spends $134 will receive 4 tickets.

How does it work for the business?
It couldn’t be easier. If your business decides to participate as a collection point, we’ll provide the tickets and buckets, you just have to put them out, train your staff in how to help qualifying customers sign up, and then get the word out to your customers about the promotion (we’ll even provide some posters!). We’ll also take care of marketing and promoting the promotion so that your participation translates into real value for your business.

If its that easy, what am I supposed to do as a business to support the promotion?
The most valuable contribution you can make as a business to support the $25 Days of Christmas is to help us maximize the value of the prize pool. The value of the prizes raffled off will determine the overall value and impact of the promotion, so every contribution counts (and like we said, we’ll take care of all the rest!).

All participating Buy Local First businesses are required to contribute a minimum $25 cash to the raffle prize pool, and are encouraged to donate additional gifts or gift certificates. We want your contribution to work for your business, so be creative. It could be product, a gift certificate, or an exclusive coupon book, as well as your contribution to the cash prizes.

All contributions will be publicized in $25 Days of Christmas on-line and print marketing materials. You can either choose to have the winner of your prize pick up the prize at your business (get another customer in the door) or you can drop it off at the Wilmington/Clinton County Chamber of Commerce.

If you have a great idea for a raffle prize beyond what you’re doing or know of someone who would like support local businesses by donating a cash or gift to the prize pool, please let us know!!

Thank you for your continued support of the Buy Local First Clinton County campaign,

— Dessie, Mark and Taylor